Igor. Paint ball Sunday was pretty awesome. My three and I had a blast. Def good match ups. Monica did a good job at keep things going. Played awhile then evened up teams. Overall it was pretty fun time.Cheers, John "The Painter" - October 2010

 WWR Sunday, August 29, 2010 - Testimonials:
- Hey,  Hope all is well.  Had a blast on Sunday! -- Sabrina
- Thanks for the great trip.  I had a blast!  -- Monique
- Hi Igor - Thanks! I really enjoyed the trip, especially the water guns. I'll definitely recommend to friends to try other adventures. I really liked the spot. It was good fun. Thanks!  --  A.L.
- Hey Igor! Thanks for an awesome day. I was a zombie (but NOT a tuna ha) by the time we got back last night. That's always a sign of a good time!! Let me know if that curly haired dude emails you the picture of our raft :) I'd love to have it. Have a good one!  --  L
- Hey Igor,  Thanks for everything yesterday, we all had a wonderful time.
I'll have to check out your trips come the fall. Thanks again,  --  Jeff (aka. curly haired guy)
- Hello Igor,  It's Monic-AA! We had such a great time white water rafting today, Thanks.
We are really interested in the Costa Rica trip in November, so if you could please send us more info/intinerary that would be awesome :)  Thanks again  --  Monica and Carlina

Great experience with Dynamic Outdoors trip to North Cascades National Park, WA. I joined a group of 8 for a 4 day hiking in Washington State at the end of July and the trip was incredible. Flights, accommodation, hikes, and evenings unfolded so easily that it felt like our group had been going out together for years, even though most of us have not met before. We did 4 challenging hikes, a half day kayaking in the most amazing of lakes, and plenty of swimming opportunities in rivers and lakes.

Igor and Teresa, our trip leaders, were very responsible and a joy to be with. They involved us in all decisions related to the hike and evening options, and skillfully accommodated all abilities and interests during the trip. The hikes were beautiful and challenging, we were very lucky with the weather too, and I was very impressed with the quality of people that Dynamic Outdoors appeals to - fun, thoughtful, very interesting backgrounds, and most important of all, great lovers of the outdoors.

Dynamic Outdoors has a solid direction and counts with the support of experienced volunteers in a range of outdoor pursuits - hiking, climbing, kayaking, sailing, skiing... They have very nice and affordable ideas for day outings in the NY area, and trips both in the US and abroad. They carry their work with the highest levels of professionalism and enthusiasm. I am looking forward to my next trip. Hope you join us soon.
Elia A. - North Cascades National Park - July, 2010

Acadia National Park - July 4th Weekend - Trip Leaders Monica & Javier
- Subject: Is it time to go back to Maine yet?
Date: Jul 6, 2010 2:57 PM
Hi everyone
I don’t know about you all, but given the crazy-assed heat in the city today, I’m ready to hop back on the bus and drive straight back to Bar Harbor!!!  
Anyway, just wanted to say again how much fun I had over the weekend hanging out, eating my own body weight in lobster rolls & burritos and dodging flying seaweed with you all! 
Monica & Javier – thank you for leading a completely AWESOME trip!!
I will be sending out a link to my Picasa web album later on in the week with all the photos, so watch this space!!! 
Igor – I can make my photos available to you for a very reasonable price….  J
Stay cool!!!

-Subject: Re: Is it time to go back to Maine yet?
I think i found some seaweed in my water shoes last night!  :)
Great weekend, folks!  I'll echo Sarah's comments about the fun weekend and I hope to see you all soon.  
In the meantime, enjoy the summa weatha! (that's bostonian for crazy-assed heat)

- Hi Igor,
I had a great time in Maine and Monica and Javier were a blast to be with!
I look forward to taking other DO trips!

Summit Mt. Katahdin - July 4th, 2010 - Trip Leaders Ralf, Alex, Igor
- Hello.. let me begin by saying thank you for the wonderful time we had in mt. katahdin.
We really enjoyed the time during the whole trip.. we wished we stayed longer...
On our way home, alex and frank mentioned about a rafting trip to west virginia or something with much difficult classes of rapids.
If there is such a plan, we would like to know ahead of time the schedule of this trip even though it is not yet posted in the website, so that we could free up those dates and join the activity...
Again, thanks for the a great time in mt. katahdin.

- Subject: Thank You!!!
Date: Jul 6, 2010 12:14 PM
Dear Igor,
I just wanted to say thank you for organizing such a fantastic trip!  This was one of the most physically and mentally challenging things I've ever done and I couldn't have done it without your help and guidance. 
I also appreciate how helpful and patient you were with me and my cousin, as we were among the least experienced (and most high-maintenance!) of the hikers.
Best wishes,

White Water Rafting - Lehigh River Gorge - Summer Dam Release - June & July, 2010
- How awesome! Thank you for the follow up and for making this and other trips happen in the first place. Julia

- Hey Igor,
Just emailing you so that you have my email address. We had a great time on Saturday and would definitely like to do more of your trips. Please let us know as new things come up. See you guys again soon.

- Had a fantastic time….despite the lobster red sunburned thighs!! J Already looking for a super powerful water gun to get my revenge next time around…
Have a fantastic 4th of July weekend!

- Hey Igor! Great trip, I really liked the NJ pickup location (very convenient to my house!) I'll definitely sign up for another rafting trip before the end of the summer.
Julie :-)

Zip Line & High Ropes Adventure Park - June, 2010
Hey Igor,
The trip was so much fun. I wish I had more time on the courses. Loved all the courses..almost like being at an adult jungle gym. :)
Thanks for organizing~

It was a blast and I will hope to do it again before the end of the summer and/or definitely next year to get the rest of the courses I didn't get to. Wish we had another hour there to eat and get back on the course but that's all. Great trip.
Steven C

It was a great trip Igor! Christine did a good job for everything and I had a lot of fun.

Trip was a blast! So fun. And i have to figure out my plans and sign up for a hike soon! Events seem to be selling out fast, good for you. Have a good wkend.
Susan S

Awesome! I need to go back and do the double diamond.
Mohammad SA

Loved it!  So much fun!  I can't wait to go back.
Mary Ann Sallas

It was really fun. I had a great time.
Christina C

Amazing Turkey - May, 2010 - Trip Leaders Christine & Igor
- Hi Igor, 
What can I say, another amazing trip with DO! 
Thank you and Tingy for your superb driving in Turkey.  The itinerary was unbelievable.  I would have loved one more day in Istanbul, but I can see that time was limited. Other than that, I would not change anything.  The hotels were great and the location was ideal. 

When I tell friends, family and co-workers about my trip, they are always amazed as too how much we do and the places we go.   We were lucky to have such a great, fun group that got along well.  It was great that we could always do dinner together. 

I am very happy that I flew, and it is good that you offer that option.  It was very civilized!  I had emailed Risa while she was in Israel, how great the trip was going.  She will be with you next year in Turkey. 
Can't believe that we were just in Bodrum a week ago.  I would definitely love to go back and thank you for introducing this amazing country to me.  Anyway, I look forward to another adventure with DO!
Margo MC

- Hi Igor:
Sorry for the delay in my note thanking for everything that you have done to make our Turkey trip so much fun!  I don't know how and why you put up with us, a crazy bunch of very selfish people, all the time but, I appreciate for your effort and opportunity to see the world.
I thought that itenary for the Turkey trip was so great - actually we covered amazing amount of things/places in such a short time.  Also, the option of flying was great - I felt fortunate that we flew.
Overall, I am so happy that I joined and thank you for putting me and Margaret in the same room just two of us throughout our trip.  Our friendship has definitely deepened over the trip. :)
Have a great weekend!
Kind regards,

I just spoke to Igor at Dynamic Outdoors and they are looking to get the paintballing day together for April 10th. He gave me advanced notice cause I am all about getting a team together to beat him this year.
Save the date. APRIL 10th.
This was one of the greatest days in 2009.  Ken and Steve came and can verify that its AWESOME.
15vs15 scrimmage and capture the flag on private fields.  I think its like 75bucks for everything and transportation from the city.
Its not on the site - but it will be soon and we need to get in before it sells outs:
John "The Painter" - in an e-mail to his friends - 3/11/2010

After having lived a very active, outdoorsy life in SoCal for a few years, I moved to NYC one November. It didn't take long before I was pretty depressed about living in a shoe-box sized apartment and never seeing the light of day; by the spring I was getting desperate and came across an ad for Dynamic Outdoors in Time Out New York. It took me a while to decide to sign up, as I have never been into joining groups or doing group activities with strangers, and imagined that I wouldn't fit in. However, eventually I realized that in NYC it's hard to meet people who want to get out of the city, and not so easy if you don't have a car. So I took the plunge and signed up for a hike to Gertrude's Nose....and loved it.

The group wasn't what I was expecting - they were of all ages and backgrounds, and from all over the world. There were a number of people who were also there for the first time and on their own. Everyone was really friendly, and I decided that joining a group to do something you enjoy is the best way to meet like-minded people in NYC! That was April 2007, and since then I have been on many more hikes (about 20) with DO. I did check out other groups, and found that DO are definitely the most convenient, cheapest, and most fun. The fact that this is Igor's full-time job is obvious as he has an unrivalled knowledge of the surrounding state parks, as well as years of experience making sure hikes run smoothly, and everyone is enjoying themselves. The group leaders always make sure that everyone is looked after, whatever their abilities. I have got to know a lot of the regulars, and since this isn't a 'group' in the way I'd imagined (there's no membership fee, you just pay per hike/trip) there are always new people to meet.

Another thing I really like about DO is that they don't just offer hikes; they also do climbing, water-sports, national and international trips, wine-tasting, sailing...the list goes on. Apart from the day hikes I also went skiing with the group to Killington, VT last Feb/Mar, and white-water rafting on the Lehigh River, PA a couple of weeks ago, and loved both experiences. Recently I decided to push myself a bit more and try rock scrambling (basically clambering over big rocks, no ropes involved). I'm loving this new challenge, and am really grateful for the support which Igor has given me in trying something new.

Since then I went on numerous more day hikes with Dynamic Outdoors, as well as two weekend camping and hiking trips. One on July 4th weekend to Baxter State Park in Maine, and the other this past Labor Day weekend, to the Adirondacks near Lake Placid. Both were fantastic. The hikes were spectacular, and a good range of abilities were catered for. The atmosphere at the campsite was really friendly and fun - I didn't want to leave!

I would definitely recommend Dynamic Outdoors to anyone who enjoys being outside, meeting new people, and forgetting about daily life!
Anna D. - DO Member since 2007

Dynamic Outdoors and its founder Igor M. Bass are exactly what a New Yorker needs after a long hectic week in the office and in my case school as well. DO offers great places and activities to explore at reasonable prices. The group is made up of gregarious and down to earth members. I'm never disappointed.
Erika - DO Member since 2008

Killington Ski Trip - January 2010:
- This was my 3rd Killington trip in a row. Enough said. It's always a good crowd and always well organized. Well done DO!
Beatrice M.
- Thanks Igor for such a fun and well organized ski trip ! I really enjoyed it I hope to make some of your other trips. Take care,
Joana G.
- Wonderful trip - fun-fun-fun! :) One of my favorite parts was coffee in bed - girls were speechless! Have to admit, so was I... :)
Natalia R.
- Thank you guys for such a great trip this weekend.  Of course I expected it to be well run and everything, but I am really impressed by how perfect it was.
Thanks again.
Teri T.
Thanks very much for this and thank you for organizing it!  Thanks too for the discount for driving; that worked out great for me and I appreciate it.  
The ride worked out well and I made two new friends in the process. I look forward to participating in one of your events again soon.

Good morning Igor;  Fantastic Trip:
Thanks for the exciting adventure yesterday. I'm glad you dared us to cross the swamp, it made my day - of course only because after the thrill and fears of having to hop through the stagnant waters, we made it at the end.
I must be a sucker for punishment, but now that you know what I enjoy (*not* the casual "strolls" through the forest), feel free to continue to update me on DO's adventurous activities.
Sarah A. - After our Pine Cliff+ Expedtion - November, 2009

Thanks again for such a great trip! I love the challenges that you provide.
Selena M. - After our Mohonk Expedition - October, 2009

Hi Igor,
Thank you again for a fantastic, awakening Saturday. I've had dreams of foliage and rock climbing all night. When can we do a repeat?  Please keep me posted for anything happening in the US: hiking, climbing, skiing.
Sarah A. - After our Mohonk Expedition - October, 2009

As always I had an amazing time! Thank you guys for organizing, leading, being awesome etc.
I'm looking forward to the high ropes event on sat. (I feel like a dynamic outdoors groupie but i'm okay with that).
Selena M. - After our Canyon Lands Expedition - September, 2009

Igor, Alex,
I had a fantastic time on the high ropes. Alex did a great job as group leader. 
I don't know if it was deliberate, but after I asked him which course to try next, he said "Come up top and I'll explain."
Once I got up to the top, he encouraged me to go for the blue.  Since I was too lazy to climb back down to the other green course, I went for blue.  By day's end I felt proud of myself not only for completing the courses, but for overcoming my fears.  Maybe next time I'll go for black!  Maybe. :)
Thanks for finding this place!
Roseann - After our High Ropes Course - August, 2009 

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for organizing a great trip –
My first time with DO so had no benchmark but I thought this one was exceptionally well thought through, planned and executed.
You have a very professional way of doing things which works great.
Once again –thanks. Hopefully, we will travel together- Again !.
Hope you doing good and geared up for SA- Good luck with that.
KP - After our Alaska Trip - August, 2009  

Do you have the cost yet for the white water rafting in West Virginia?
By the way, the Alaska trip was awesome and soo soo much fun!  I
didn't want to leave!  And Teresa was a great, organizaed leader!
Cheryl - After our Alaska Trip - August, 2009

It was fantastic! My favorite destination yet! Teresa is AMAZING! Love her! I posted pictures! Check them out! Xoxoxo
Jennifer Wink Wink - After our Alaska Trip - August, 2009

I hiked up a mountain! And no, it wasn't just a hill! Elevation 1700 feet! Great Trip! Great People! Love Teresa!
Jennifer Wink Wink - Via text message during our Alaska Trip - August, 2009

Igor,  Thanks for an awesome and adventurous weekend. I had a blast!
Eddie - After our Mt. Katahdin Expedition - July 4, 2009

The trip was a lot of fun, hope you enjoyed it, too. The 'headquarters' tent was very comfortable, thanks :) White water rafting in a front seat was a blast - that's the way to go! And both mountain hikes were cool - although extremely hard for me. Hope nobody got mad at me for 'hijacking' Ralf and Alex at the Katahdin hike - I swear I didn't do it on purpose - it just happened :) I didn't mind it though - I got some reliable help when I needed it :)
Natalia - After our Mt. Katahdin Expedition - July 4, 2009

Hi Igor,
Thanks so much for everything - this was a really wonderful trip - I had a blast,  the people were great, and the drivers and leaders were really wonderful. 
I'm glad that I went back both times. Did you see my photos from rafting - they're a lot of fun!
Again, thanks so much for putting this trip together, it was great.
D.C.D. - After our Mt. Katahdin Expedition - July 4, 2009

Thanks Igor lets catch up soon and do another one with you guys that was nice but tough I think I reached my limits on Saturday afternoon after that long hike !!
(10.6 miles of "rolling hills" !?)
Romain - After our Mt. Katahdin Expedition - July 4, 2009

Hello Igor - just wanted to say THANK YOU for the awesome trip you put together last wkend.
It was tough but we're happy that we did it :-)
Thank you again and see you soon!
Aya - After our Mt. Katahdin Expedition - July 4, 2009 

To the Team & Crew,
All, you guys rock :-) I join Michelle in saying that I too had tons of fun and looking forward very much to doing it again.
(Mt. Marcy for the Labor Day Weekend with DO? It's not on the schedule yet but will be soon)
Alex D. - After our Mt. Katahdin Expedition - July 4, 2009

To the Team & Crew - Hi Everyone!!
I had so much fun with all of you this weekend up in Baxter National Park, Maine!!!  It was great to meet so many nice, wonderful people to explore the outdoors with!!  Hope everyone has adjusted by now to being back to civilization and stuck indoors...
Looking forward to more events in the future!  Happy hours, concerts, shows, museums, hikes, hanging out...
Have a great day!
Michelle - After our Mt. Katahdin Expedition - July 4, 2009

Hi Igor,
Thanks for the wonderful day yesterday.
Kateryna Z. – after our Waterfall Scramble in the Berkshire Mountains – June, 2009

Hello Igor - Thank you so much for today's hike. That was awesome and exactly what I was looking for. Great organization on your side, I'm impressed!
Aya – after our Canyon Lands Hike – June, 2009

That place was so amazing, I can't stop thinking about it...  the waterfalls were incredible, must go back  :-)
Thanks, great weekend.
Teresa F. – after our Canyon Lands Hike – June, 2009

Hey, had a great time this Sunday.  My body is still a bit sore from the scramble but really enjoyed the site, especially the waterfalls. :-)
Cong T. – after our Canyon Lands Hike – June, 2009  

Hey, thanks for the hike. Was an amazing day.
Bee – after our Canyon Lands Hike – June, 2009 

I was just telling a friend of mine yesterday, a day after the waterfall rappel, that less than a year ago, in the Berkshires, I went to my first scramble hike where the instructor had to hold my hand all the way up, and on top they had a little tiny demo of rappel - 2-3 meters probably - and I refused to even come to the edge of the rock to take a look at what the rappel was about - that much I was freaked out. And, look at me now! I wouldn't be doing any of this if DO's environment and people weren't fun. So - Dynamic can take full credit for this :)
N. R. – after our Waterfall Rappel Expedition – June, 2009

I wanted to say thank you for the trip. I thoroughly enjoyed the rock climbing and having the chance to come out to Vegas and enjoy it in such a way. I really enjoyed the group. The people were really great and we all got along very well. I would definitely enjoy doing more day trips and rock climbing both inside and outside with you. I look forward to doing more rock climbing and such this summer.
Sheryl :) – after our Las Vegas / Red Rock Getaway – April, 2009

Hi Igor and Teresa, 
Just a quick note to tell you I enjoyed this past weekend a lot.  I didn't know what to expect, not knowing the group and never having rock climbed before, but I am still on a natural high :-).  Glad to have made new friends, visited a beautiful area and, in the process, worked on conquering my fear of heights and discovered a bit more about myself. 
I want to continue to learn to rock climb, as does Sheryl, so please send us any schedule you have for our level.  Will also check out your website for other hikes.
Take care and rest easy - am sure you have another fun adventure around the corner!  Can't wait to see the pictures everyone took of the full weekend.  Till our next trip ....
Tess – after our Las Vegas / Red Rock Getaway – April, 2009

Hi Igor,
The trip was a lot of fun, I loved outdoor climbing - especially the Sat trip - thank you very much for taking me with you, I really appreciate it and hope I wasn't too much work... :) Funny, every time when Jason said that a certain part would be mentally challenging, I was relieved - at least I can handle the mental part well, have to work on improving the physical one only :)
I think the group was fantastic on this trip, I haven't laughed *that* much for a while :)
Natalia – after our Las Vegas / Red Rock Getaway – April, 2009

Igor, hi
Thanks a lot for yesterday's trip, it was a blast!!!  (I'm really hurtin' today ... but in a very good way :))
... I'm definitely signing up for more events (hopefully I can join you for a Sports w/e on July 4th) .... and I'll look into different hiking shoes ...
Thanks again :)
Vicky - after our Lake to Lake Hike - June, 2008

Joy!!  Again!  We had so much fun at Yoga last weekend!!!
Thanks Igor!
Margaret W. - after the Lake Front Yoga with Neeya - May, 2008

I enjoyed the weekend. To me, the Club Fun is a summer camp for the adults with youthful hearts.
Though the wonderful time and surreal moment under the shinning stars can not be transformed into reality under the neon lights, I do hope this beautiful memory will not fade away...
Susan L. - after our Club Fun Memorial Day Weekend Getaway - May, 2008

OMG, Igor, this schedule looks fantastic!! I am going to spend all my money on DO...  :-)
Ok, I am doing all advanced hikes, 4th July and the Night Hike one....wow....
Good job!
T. M. - also signed for Mt. Whitney and Kilimanjaro this year...

The Paintball was an interesting outing. I got bruises all over, but had a blast!
Thanks and regards,
Susan - after our Battle in May, 2008

Honestly I did just great on the 1st two climbs, I forgot to mention to Bobby & the other guys that I challenged my fear of heights that's why I had a "moment" on that last climb.
Overall it was a great time. Great guides by the way!
I will get back to you on paintballing if at all possible for May 10th.
Best regards,
Nadia - after her first Rock Climbing Experience - April, 2008

Hi Igor:
Thank you so much for dropping me at the East station.  I had a great time and my bruises got a bit bigger, LOL.  And I enjoyed being in your team, I think it made a lot of difference when you are with a group of people that know what they are doing.  The game itself can be rewarding and interesting...
I'm looking forward to doing one of the hikes soon...
Maryann - after our Anger Management Paintball Outing - April, 2008

I  just wanted to drop you note to thank you very much for your guidance and expertise on this trip!
It was my first real hike and my first experience with Dynamic Outdoors, and so I wasn't sure what to expect - and I had such a great time.  It was fabulous getting out of the city and the challenge of
some of the scrambles was awesome!  I hope to be able to sign up for another one soon.

And actually as I mentioned I am thinking about the Kilamanjaro trip ... I am just getting to reseraching that this week and may have some questions for you as I get into this a bit more . . .
Thanks SO much - it was so fun!
Nicky - after our Mohonk Castle - Rock Scrambling & Hike - April, 2008

Just wanted to say I loved our hike to mohonk mountain- it was a perfect day!!
Cant wait to go back - Thank you for everything!
Noreen A. - after our Mohonk Castle - Rock Scrambling & Hike - April, 2008

Hola Igor,
This is miguelina, the young lady from saturday's rock scrambling trip (mercedes' friend).
I had a great time! It's def changed me in so many ways, I know it was just an afternoon but I did soo much (mentally and physically) and I want to share that experience with more friends.
Are you guys having another trip like that anytime soon? Please let me know. I have like 5 or 6 friends who I'd love to invite.
Take care,
Miguelina - after our Giant Steps on the Palisades Hike - April, 2008

I wanted to Thank You for leading the group last Saturday on the Palisades Park hike and boulder scramble. I had a nice time and look forward to going on other trips with your group.
Brandon - after our Giant Steps on the Palisades Hike - April, 2008

Hi Igor,
Just wanted to say thanks again for the trip yesterday - really enjoyed it - and looking forward to more hikes with you folks!
Andy - after our Storm King Double Top Day Hike  - April, 2008

Thanks for leading!  I had a great time!  Will definitely be back.
Khai - after our Hudson Highland Scramble and Day Hike  - April, 2008

Thanks again to you & Joanna for organizing yesterday's hike.  What a great way to get out of the city!
I'm looking forward to getting more use out of my hiking boots this year. Regards, 
Sonya M. - after our Overlander Hike in the Harriman Highlands - March, 2008

After our Adventure Trip to Belize & Guatemala: You better Belize it...

Teresa, thanks for being a wonderful (and brave!) leader.
To Teresa and the entire group, thank you so much for the most amazing vacation and adventures.  It was such a privilege meeting all of you.  I think I am in withdrawal from you guys...not to mention alcohol. I look forward to more fun times.
Jill, aka. Songbird

It was an absolute pleasure meeting and getting to know each of you and Thanks for the incredible memories.
Steve, aka. The Man

I had a really wonderful week with you all and I will be remembering our experiences for a long time. What a great group we were!
Janet, aka. Nora Jones

I had such an amazing time - I will never forget it!  You have all really touched my heart and are truly
incredible people.  It was such a pleasure getting to know you all and I look forward to continued friendships with each and every one of you.
All the best, Rose, aka. Brown Suga

It has been a wonderful experience for me as well--way beyond my expectation. The entire group definitely made a youthful, lively, and dynamic bunch. I look forward to more future adventures with all of you!  As Steve puts it--for more fun times--well, you know what to do....
Cheers, Dianna, aka. Happy Feet

Hi Igor,
A big Thank you back. It was a great trip and I really enjoyed it.  Lots of fun, organization was great, bus and lodging where great and as you pointed out the skiing was just special.
It was my first trip with you guys and I was really impressed. I took at the look at your web site and I am very interested in the Machu Picchu trip...
John F. - after our Killington Bus Trip - March, 2008

Hey Igor,
It was one lovely SNOW BLISS w/e. I had so much FUN indeed!!! Thank you..
Vikki - after our Killington Bus Trip - March, 2008

Thanks Igor,
It was a lovely trip. I like the spirit of your organization and will certainly attend more events in the future. You're a good leader!
Bahia - after our Killington Bus Trip - March, 2008

Had an awesome weekend and made some new friends in the process... thanks!!
Ty - after our Killington Bus Trip - March, 2008

Hi Igor,
Thanks for another amazing trip. Ecuador was fantastic. Every day brought a new adventure from the rafting on the Amazon (ok, just a tributary) to hiking and boating on and around volcanoes and especially mountain biking down the side of Cotapaxi.  Not to forget the cultural experiences like the Octovalo market and the Ecuadorian band and trip to Quito.  I liked that there were many options for each days activities so you could experience the country how you wanted to.  Even all of the rain and mud didn't deter us from having a great time. It was nice to have our own private hacienda to come back to with a great staff and delicious Ecuadorian meals. Great times, new friends, and another awesome memory!
Randi S. - after our Ecuador Multi-Sport Adventure - February, 2008

I just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know what an amazing trip/experience the Dynamic Outdoors Thailand trip was.  From start to finish the trip was well planned, well thought out, and professionally run.  There was a great balance of planned activities and free time and all amenities were excellent.  And Thailand was incredible!
Teresa did an incredible job as group leader/guide (not to mention just damn fun to be around).  The trip was a huge success because of her efforts and would not have been the same without her.  It was so great to be able to enjoy the trip and have all the details taken care of and her positive attitude and amazing ability to cater to all of unique personalities on the trip was down right amazing.  She had the patience of a saint and always kept things moving forward and positive.  I'd go on another trip led by her in a second.
I'll also recommend Dynamic Outdoors to anyone looking for a first class travel experience and I look forward to my next trip!
Thanks for everything!  Cheers,
Adrian M. - After our Thailand Adventure Escape - February, 2008

Thank you for putting together such an eventful and seamless trip (the airport change was fun!). I was thinking the other day over all the aspects and details of the trip that I enjoyed: everything about gritty Bangkok, Pinky and Ploy, Jason and La, the hike to that great village, rafting, people I met on the train, the boat ride and islands, and on and on. It's still all sinking in. That you originally put it all together from so far away is amazing to me. People told me that Asia would get its hooks in me -- I'm already thinking over where to go next. Thanks again.
Jim - After our Thailand Adventure Escape - February, 2008

Special thanks to Teresa for running a tight ship and making our trip a successful one...
I think we have made some life long friendships/connections/bond etc, etc, and there was no need to say goodbye at the airport as we will be keeping in touch.
Andrew - SAWASDEE KAA!!!

Hi guys!
I just wanted to thank you, Theresa and tell both of you that we had so much fun on the trip and we enjoyed
it tremendously! Looking forward to other great trips. Actually we are looking at the ski trip...
Helena! - After our Thailand Adventure Escape - February, 2008

Igor, thanks..
I had a fantastic time in Thailand.  The trip exceeded all my expectations.  Teresa is a wonderful person and I have a lot of respect for her organizational and coordinating skills.  She did a great job and I am very much looking forward to the Egypt trip and more trips in the future!
Maria V. - After our Thailand Adventure Escape - February, 2008

Excellent Trip!
Costa Rica was AMAZING!!! Every day was filled with exciting activities, beautiful scenery, and terrific people. I never laughed so much or came away with so many great memories, pictures, and stories - best vacation ever! Several of us really bonded and plan to go on future trips together.
Ralf - after our Costa Rica Adventure Trip - November, 2008

Dearest Teresa,
THANK YOU for running such an amazing trip and always maintaining a healthy dose of patience and sense of humor ;-).  I had a blast (literally and figuratively ;-))) and can't wait to see everyone again!
V. - after our Costa Rica Adventure Trip - November, 2008

Amazing, pura vida!  My expectations were exceeded regarding activities, our group, cuisine, exposure to the culture/people & enhancing my Spanish as well. Teresa & Ronald always had our best interests at heart.
Kristy N. - after our Costa Rica Adventure Trip - November, 2007

You run a very professional outfit. You leave nothing to chance and take the guesswork out of the equation, I love it.
Aivars - after our Costa Rica Adventure Trip - November, 2007

My sincere thanks, and a round of applause, for the hard working creative team of Chefs - Neeya & Alex (the weekend kitchen warriors) - who kept us stuffed with their delicious creations from Morning to late at night!  There were only 2 on this mighty team?!  Amazing!  Many thanks!
Beth S. - after our CT Mansion Retreat - November, 2007

Hey, Igor:
I really enjoyed the hike yesterday. The snow made it extra fun for me! I'll definitely try that hike again sometime. I hope you will have some hikes in December....
D. K. - after our Snow Expedition into the Lost World - November, 2007

I've been going on hikes and rock scrambles with Dynamic Outdoors (DO) for the past 3 years and always have a great time.  The Mohonk rock scramble is very challenging.  Igor coaches to improve your skill level to ensure optimal adventure.  I love watching the amazement on peoples' faces when they see the DO group successfully scale a rock wall that would seem to be impossible for the ordinary trekker.  DO attracts a dynamic group of people that love the outdoors and thrive on challenging themselves.
Rob 'No Fear!' Werner - Dear Friend & Member since 2004

Hey, Igor:
I had a great time climbing again: the group was the best I've seen this year (and they're usually good!). Sigh..the only sad part is, outdoor climbing season is over.
I hope you'll organize a Boot Camp event sometime in the winter...
D. K. - after our Rock Climbing Trip - November, 2007

I had a great time!  It was a hassle free trip and I look forward to future trips.
Sara B. - after our Yoga Hike to the Harriman Highlands - October, 2007

Dear Igor,
Just wanted to let you know how great the trip to Baja was! I had a great time. Loved it!
Also, want you to know how fabulous Teresa was. I so appreciate all the activities she organized.
With work and school keeping my life rather busy, I was too exhausted to get my head around any planning.
Thus it was great to have all the trip logistics taken care of.
Teresa was always professional and graceful.
Looking forward to joining your group again. Maybe we'll meet in New York on one of those get togethers!
Thanks again for everything. Sincerely,
Susan B. - after our Multi-Sport & Yoga Trip to Baja, Mexico - October, 2007

Thanks Teresa,
I had a fabulous time and will sign up for the next trip to Belize as my father demands,
maybe the yoga/hike on the 28th with my daughter also.
Anne E. - after our Multi-Sport & Yoga Trip to Baja, Mexico - October, 2007

Isar, Joanna,
You both were awesome Leaders and the Outing yesterday was excellent !
Lynman of Arabia - founder The Manhattan Wine Group - after our Wine Tasting & Apple Picking Event - October, 2007

Hi Igor,
Thanks for the hiking trip on Sunday...I had a great time! 
The location, trails, climbing and the people were all awesome -  definitely got more than I expected.
I signed up for the 7 hills trip on Sunday so hopefully I'll see you then...
Mark RL - after our Breakneck Ridge Scramble & Hike - October, 2007
Fall Foliage Hike co-hosted with the Lunch Club:

Photo Gallery: http://dynamicoutdoors.com/v-web/gallery/album139


- I had a great time.
- Wonderful, beautiful! Thanks Igor. A good time was had by all! :-)
Beth - This event was first-rate, Jared. It was tough going at points, but the feeling of accomplishment was exhilarating.
Deanna - The hike was such fun even though it was a little more than most of us (including me!) expected. Thanks again for organizing it!

Hi Igor, below are my impressions and experiences regarding our Greece trip:

I spent nine days in beautiful Greece, along with a group of active and fun loving people. The trip was perfectly divided between the beautiful islands of Santorini and Mykonos, and the historical rich City of Athens. It was lead by an active, smart and fun lady with ease.
There are many happy moments along the trip, followings are a few of my highlights:
1. Watching Sunsets at the Island of Santorini and Mykonos, it was Spectacular!
2. Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea on Black Beach, Red Beach and White Sand Beach, great experience.
3. Snorkeling at Paradise Beach in Mykonos, I saw many schools of fish and amazingly beautiful Ocean Floor!
4. Dancing all night long at the coolest Bar at Mykonos, it made you instantly ten years younger!
5. Taking the Blue Star Ferry crossing the Mediterranean Sea, it was an amazing experience.
6. Listening to the Olympic airline sound track on the way back to New York, the music was by Yanni with sound of Ocean Wave kissing the ocean floor, it was heavenly.
7. Reading the book, "Eat, Pray and Love" along the way.
They say, visiting Greece will make you ten years younger, I definitely felt so. It was my dream vacation,  Highly recommended!!! 
Cindy L. - after our Greece trip - September, 2007

Hi Teresa,
Thanks SO much for an AWESOME trip!  You made everything very easy, and best of all, with NO THINKING REQUIRED for the rest of us!  Thanks for making the Greece trip a blast!  I'll definitely be seeing you again - at a Greece group get-together or another D.O. excursion.  All the best,
Christine C. - after our Greece trip - September, 2007

Thanks for leading such a nice trip. It was a great vacation for me. Also it was a pleasure to meet everybody..... Keep in touch, and Cheers,
Cindy Y. - after our Greece trip - September, 2007

We really, really, really appreciated you in every capacity this weekend. From the stellar driving skills to the patience with the late timing of our group, and of course your unbeatable hiking skills, you made this trip effortless. Your finesse within the location allowed us to focus on our objectives verses logistical specifics and helped to harbor an ideal environment.
Teresa, Igor, thank you again for working with our group.
Most sincerely,
Ashley Forman, GSSC - Columbia Business School - after their Retreat Weekend in the Berkshire Mountains - September, 2007

Igor, I had a great time on the yoga-hike adventure this past Sunday.
Good people, great weather, well organized. All around a great time. Thanks,
Steven - after our Yoga Hike with Adam as instructor - September, 2007

Dear Igor,
Thank you so much for the trip yesterday. It was very lovely. And thank you for introducing me to rock climbing, I thought I could never do it. Thank you again.
Genia S. - after our Lemon Squeezer/ Secret Cave Hike - September, 2007

I have been hiking all my life and I have to say that the Mohonk rock scramble and hike on Saturday was one of my all time favorites--great people, amazing views, and the scrambling was so fun and a great workout! This was my third Dynamic Outdoors event and I can't wait for the next one!
Thanks again for such a great day.
Rachel R. - after our Scramble & Hike to Mohonk Castle - September, 2007

I am writing to let you know how much I enjoyed the hike on Saturday. The trip was beautifully organized and the pacing was perfect. And it was FUN (especially the "lemon-squeeze" part)!
And thanks again for caring my water bottle, I really appreciate the help!
Are you going to organize a similar trip any time soon?
Aida M. - after our Scramble & Hike to Mohonk Castle - September, 2007

Igor & Teresa,
I wanted to let you know that the weekend getaway exceeded all of my expectations.
From activities, to entertainment, to food, to interacting with fellow sports enthusiasts.
I truly felt like a kid again, bouncing from one activity to another.
I also formed some wonderful friendships. I'm very much looking forward to future events!
Thank you!! Kristy :o) - after our Sports w/e Getaway - August, 2007
Summer Sports & Adventure Getaway

Hi Igor & Teresa,
Thanks you both! I had a great weekend with dynamic outdoors. This was an awesome weekend Getaway and I will definitely be going again. The group worked out well. The activities were varied and fun, and the setting was so relaxing. Great job, guys!
Gwen L. - after our Sports w/e Getaway - August, 2007

Hi Igor,
I wanted to thank you for the wonderful time I had this past weekend and would like to get some additional details regarding the Costa Rica trip.  I also plan on attending future events.  Thank you for picking me up at my office.
Thank you again.
Dave R. - after our annual R&R Retreat in CT - July, 2007

Hi Igor,
Had a blast kayaking and would love to do it again some time.. I see that we have captured our water gun fighting with a few shots. The gang loves the one of you sneak attacking me and squirting me in the back.. Priceless and all good fun!
Thanks again for a great trip, and dropping Susan and I off at our place.  Regards,
Billy D. - after our Delaware Kayaking Outing - July, 2007

Hi Teresa,
I want to thank you for an amazing weekend.  You and all the others where great!!  I hope to see you on another trip soon.    Thanks again!
Bart - after our WV White Water Trip - July, 2007 

The trip was awesome! We really enjoyed it. Moreover for me, Teresa made my birthday celebration there very-very special!
GL. - after our Montana/ Glacier National Park Trip - June, 2007

Great trip. Lots of fun. Great job by Teresa - Especially with helping us all out in the end with the LGA flight. And the white van rocked !!
Ravi C. - after our Montana/ Glacier National Park Trip - June, 2007

Hi Igor,
Just wanted to let you know we had a great time on Saturday with the hiking and scrambling in New Paltz.  Loved it and am excited to go on more trips with your Club in the future. Please place me on your mailing list. 
Thanks so much!  Hope Sunday's trip was another raging success.
Pallavi – after our Mohonk Rock Scrambling Event – June, 2007

Hey Igor,
Anthony, Caroline & I had a blast on Saturday. Thanks so much. That was my first time climbing outdoors, but won't be my last. I checked out the rest of your site & I'm sure you'll be seeing me again on one of your trips. Your international trips look really cool. I'm sure to get in on one of those in 2008.
Thanks again,
Chris G. - after our Rock Climbing Outing - June, 2007

I had so much fun. Have you seen the pics that Richard took yet?
Very cool. I'm really happy with what I was able to climb. :-)
Western B. - after our Rock Climbing Outing - June, 2007

Hey Igor!
My sister and I had such a wonderful time on Sunday!! Thank you so much!!
Everything was so well-organized, and it was nice meeting you!
We will definitely be participating in future Dynamic Outdoors events!
Suzanne L.! - after our Lehigh River Rafting Adventure - June, 2007

Thanks so much for this experience Teresa...
Sean and I had a wonderful time. I will probably see you Thursday night.
N. S. - after our Sailing Trip into Long Island Sound - June, 2007

Hello Igor,
On Memorial Day weekend, I was on a mini vacation at Club Getaway and signed up for the rock scramble with Theresa.  She was very knowledgeable and took the time out to show us what was needed and as well as being very attentive with the group since for some of us this was the first time.
I was very comfortable with her and will join in the activities with her again.
Linda - after our Club Fun Mini Vacation - May/ June, 2007

Thank you very much for a GREAT trip !!! You are a very good organizer.
It was amazing. And unforgettable. Funny, but I already miss the mountains and our group...
Afa (aka. Ana) S. - after our Adventure Trip to Machu Picchu, Peru - May, 2007

Thanks for doing such a great job organizing the weekend! As an event producer myself, I can understand the complexity of putting all the pieces together and trying to make everyone happy. I had a wonderful time.
I'll look forward to more adventures with DO.
Jennifer S. - After our Adirondacks Adventure Camp Away - May, 2007  

I feel sooooo good after that hike yesterday !!!!!  I had so much fun!  Nobody believed that we had a snowball fight...   when it was 70 degrees...
You guys are so funny!!!! Everyone calls me funky asia now!!!!  I definitely want to train more with you guys, Thanx for the invitation!:)
Funky Asia – after our Giants Steps Hike - April, 2007

I felt compelled to send you a thank you note for the great hiking experience at the "break-back" yesterday
(this suits better than break-neck).  I had a great time, but It sure was a quite intense course for a rookie
hiker like myself, I must say (I am living on ibuprofen since)... Your team was really great.  Thanks to you all...
Sara Sound - after our Breakneck Day Hike - April, 2007

Hi Igor !!
Thanks for a marvelous trip today, although I must admit I'm rather beat at the moment, and tomorrow I'm going out again to help put a mast on a boat. Ugh!! But it was great !
Tory C. - after our Rock Climbing trip to the Gunks - April, 2007

Hi Igor,
I very much enjoyed the hike this weekend - I did not know what I was missing the last couple of years that I did not hike...   I can't wait to join the next one…
Silke H. - after Gertrude's Nose Hike - April, 2007

Hey Igor,
I had such a wonderful time in Maroc and am looking forward to new adventures with dynamic outdoors in Peru and various other day trips.
I have to say that dynamic outdoors has such an awesome group of people! I have done stuff with other groups and by far this group of people is the best and the most fun! Thanks for being our fearless leader :) and keep up the great work!
:-) Wendy – after our Morocco Expedition – April, 2007

Dear Igor,
Just a note to tell you I had such a wonderful time in Morocco. It was a once in a lifetime experience
to learn about the Moroccan culture and the breathtaking scenic views. The highlight was riding the camels in the Sahara.
Also, the other participants on the trip were fantastic. Thank you for making my vacation such a memorable one.
I'm looking forward to taking my next adventure vacation with your group again.
Risa E. - after our Morocco Expedition - March/ April, 2007

Team Dynamic,
That was an great climb yesterday, making the summit was an awesome feeling ! I'm still in for Killi but when's the next mountain ? Sept is a long time away. Are there any climbs in the next 2 or 3 months ? I want to keep my training consistent !    Thanks,
ROSHI J. - after our Mt. Washington Ice Climbing and Mountaineering w/e in New Hampshire - March, 2007  
Hi Igor,
I made it back to Boston safely last night.  Thanks for a great trip.  I had a terrific time climbing to the summit of Mt. Washington yesterday. The views were incredible. Hopefully I'll be able to do a trip with your team over the summer.
Jenny T.  from Boston - after our Mt. Washington Ice Climbing and Mountaineering w/e in New Hampshire - March, 2007

Hi Igor,
Wanted to say thanks for planning such an incredible trip this past weekend.  I really enjoyed myself.  Thanks!
I will be looking to book more trips in the future!  Have fun this weekend ice climbing!
John McD. - after our Killington II Ski & Snow Board w/e - March, 2007

Hi Igor.
Just wanted to say thanks for everything. Kevin and I had a fantastic time.
Please keep us posted on any upcoming events.  We'd love to be added to any mailing list, etc.
Looking forward to a future trips with you guys...
Michelle R. - after our Killington II Ski & Snow Board w/e - March, 2007

Hey Igor,
I just want to thank you for the trip this weekend.  It was great!
Becca W. - after our Killington II Ski & Snow Board w/e - March, 2007

Thanks for a great weekend !
The food, the room mates, the new friends made, the snow, the weather... everything was perfect :-)
Jim F. - after our Killington II Ski & Snow Board w/e - March, 2007

Hi Igor,
I want to thank you for all of your coordination efforts on the Killington trip.  This trip was my first with you guys and I will definitely do another...
I had a wonderful time and appreciate all you did to make everything run so well.  Thanks again.  Have a great rest of the week!
Ashley1.jpg Ashley2.jpg
Ashley and her new found friends on our  Killington trip, March 2007

One of the best experiences I've ever had, amazing weekend getaway just a few hours out of the city.
The 2 day itinerary was very well executed, especially the first where we were acclimatised for the summit hike.
Thanks Igor and team for introducing me to new outdoors and friends.
Partha K. - after our Mt. Washington Ice Climbing and Mountaineering w/e in New Hampshire - February, 2007

Dear Igor,  Thank you to both you and Theresa for a really great weekend. The organization was excellent, as was the atmosphere for the whole weekend. The ice climbing on Sunday was great.  Unfortunately I cannot make the March weekend but perhaps you have some climbing planned in the summer in New Hampshire with the same guides.  That would be great. Thank you both again - it was excellent!
Charles H-J. - after our Mt. Washington Ice Climbing and Mountaineering w/e in New Hampshire - February, 2007

Just wanted to thank you for a great weekend. I had an amazing time and climbing Mt Washington was one of the best experiences I've had so far.
I’m definitely going to try to make the Feb 28th get together. Thank you also for dropping us home, doorstep.
Best regards and thanks again for a great w/e,
Kathy F. - after our Mt. Washington Ice Climbing and Mountaineering w/e in New Hampshire - February, 2007

Hi Igor,
Thank you a looooooooooooooooooot for this weekend - it was sooo great!
Real experience! A loooot of fun! Muscles are still sore and I am not walking well, but it is minor...
See you 2/28 - Cheers,
Gala L. - after our Mt. Washington Ice Climbing and Mountaineering w/e in New Hampshire - February, 2007

I wanted to thank you for making my first DO trip a great experience!  The trip was well organized and definitely action packed.  Your positive energy always kept me going.  I look forward to future DO adventures and must say THANKS again for a great trip!
Dawn C. – after our trip to Thailand Trip – February 2007

Hey Teresa,
Wanted to say a big "Khorb Koon Kaa" to you for an amazing and unforgettable Thailand vacation. DO's trip out there was a complete success thanks to you. The trip was a great combination of culture, adventure and just overall GOOD TIMES fun! This is one experience I will not forget and will be talking about for quite some time and I look forward to my next Dynamic Outdoors Adventure.
Christine T. – after our trip to Thailand Trip – February 2007

Thank YOU Igor for pulling this together. It was indeed a nice group of individuals, and great experience! 
It is amazing how everything went smooth: air, bus, hotel, ski rental, grand-montets...and back.....all with lots of fun and vin chaud
(or maybe BECAUSE of lots of vin chaud ;-) - Now I am waiting to see what next year destination is…..hoping Italy….yummy….. ;-)
Thanx again!
Tea M. - after our International Ski Trip to Chamonix, France - February 2007

Hi Igor,
Olivia and I had a great time on the weekend.
Everything was perfectly organized (and on time) but still very relaxed...a perfect balance!
Thanks so much for all your work.
We'll definitely be coming on a few hikes when the weather warms up to prepare us for our Kilimanjaro trip.
Brodie D. - after our Killington Ski & Snow Board Trip - January, 2007

As always a great trip. My crew had a great time. Bill is telling tall tales all around the office and has told everyone he wants to sign up again for March. Ramin is much the same and has already suggested we get the crew together for another trip. As for Ernest, he is looking at joining you guys for the Peru trip and/or the Kilimanjaro trip.
Needless to say, I knew my friends would like Dynamic Outdoors. It just took enough prodding to get them to sign up!
Look forward to seeing you another trip (I'm thinking about the March trip as well).
Take care and I'll talk to you soon.
Marc R. - after our Mt. Washington Ice Climbing and Mountaineering w/e in New Hampshire - January, 2007

Igor, Teresa, Great Weekend !
I just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you again for everything this weekend.  the trip was truly an amazing experience for me.  Really was one of the most challenging and fun things I have done recently.  I have already got a bunch of interest from a few people in my office so hopefully I can throw more business your way in the future (including mine).  Good luck with the next trip.
Ramin A. - after our Mt. Washington Ice Climbing and Mountaineering w/e in New Hampshire - January, 2007

Hi Teresa and Igor,
Just wanted to tell you guys I had an AWESOME time this weekend and I'm looking forward to doing that again!
Can't wait for Thailand!!!
Sarosh J. - after our Mt. Washington Ice Climbing and Mountaineering w/e in New Hampshire - January, 2007

My trip to Costa Rica with Dynamic Outdoors was the best vacation I have ever taken!
The multi-sport format was a great way to stay active and see many parts of Costa Rica that I would have never seen if I wasn't white-water rafting, zip-lining, mountain biking and hiking.
The small towns and hotels were perfect.  I was very happy with every hotel we stayed in.  I loved that we traveled to so many different towns/cities and I was able to see so much of this beautiful country. All activities were lead by professional, personable and well trained guides.
It has been two weeks since I returned from my Costa Rica trip and I still talk about it with my family, friends, and coworkers.  I am already thinking about when I can take my next multi-sport trip with Dynamic.
Thank you for such a wonderful vacation!
Brigitte P. – after our Costa Rica Multi-Sport Adventure – November, 2006

I just wanted to let you know how much I loved the Costa Rica trip!  The trip in total exceeded my expectations and I look forward to going on another one that you organize.  I don't think I would have seen so much of the country or done so much if I had tried to put a trip like this together myself.  I liked the hotel accommodations because each place was reflective of the location where we were and were not the typical "Marriott" style hotels.  The tour guide and activity guides for mountain biking and rafting were top-notch and we couldn't have asked for more experienced and knowledgeable leaders.  The activities that were offered were perfect and flexible enough to meet a wide range of skill levels.  The trip was well-planned and well-organized but not too rigid or structured...the pace was very good.  Finally, the people that went were a great group to travel with, they were open-minded and very fun.  We all got along well and I hope to stay in touch with the group.  Please feel free to use my name as a reference as your trip was really a fabulous vacation.
Janine D. - after our Costa Rica Multi-Sport Vacation - November, 2006

Hi Teresa,
It was great meeting you! I have recommended to several friends that they should sign up for your tour.
You were very patient and more than accommodating that day : ) We all had a blast and I'm sure I will sign up for another tour.
Please keep me on the list for future outings!!
Danielle A. - after our Wine Tasting Trip to Long Island's North Fork  - November, 2006

Hi Teresa,
Just wanted to say thank you for such a great afternoon. Please keep me posted on future trips!
Thanks again,
Amy S. - after our Wine Tasting Trip to Long Island's North Fork - November, 2006

Hi Igor,
Wanted to let you know I had a great time taking on the various rock scrambling challenges.
Though (slightly to very) sore, I will be walking normal again in a couple of days but it was well worth it!
Thanks again,
Jason S. - after our Lost World Scrambling Expedition - November, 2006

Hi Igor,
Just wanted to say that I had a really lovely time this past Sunday.
It felt great to be hiking. And I really enjoyed meeting you and your team.
Thanks again, for a wonderful experience.
Western B. - after our Bear Mountain Day Trip - November 2006

Adventure & Fun with Dynamic Outdoors:
While doing my home chores and listening to Fox5 news in the background one evening, I heard the word "outdoors"... That was enough to get my attention. It was a short clip about the adventures Dynamic Outdoors organizes for all outdoor enthusiasts.
I immediately singed up for their kayaking and white water rafting trips. The level of fun I and everybody else had is indescribable. Igor was the captain in our raft and thanks to him, the level of fun went up multifold. From navigating skillfully around rocks, to water gun fights; we had it all. All the people shared this synergy and love for outdoors and just having fun. I met lots of wonderful and fun loving people thanks to whom even the van rides to adventure destinations are fun and seem short.
The recent hike to Breakneck Ridge did test many people's stamina and endurance but everybody came away with the feeling of great joy and anticipation of more fun things to come. Dynamic Outdoors Rocks!!!
Alex D. - enthusiastic member since joining DO in August, 2006

Had a great time on a great trip with a great bunch of people.
Thanks for all the great work. Hope to see you soon on the next adventure.
Frank K. - after our White Water Rafting to the Upper Gauley, VW - Class V++ - September, 2006

Hey Teresa!
Just wanted to say THANK YOU for an AWESOME weekend! You did one helluva job putting this trip together.
I had an amazing time and look forward to more great times with D.O.
Actually, already signed up for the caving/spelunking on the 15th....CAN'T WAIT :)
Hope you are recuperating OK. Thanks for driving ;-)
See you at Breakneck on Sunday!
Christine T. - after our White Water Rafting to the Upper Gauley, VW - Class V++ - September, 2006

This is just a quick note to let you know how much I've enjoyed the events I've participated in with Dynamic Outdoors. Not only have you done a terrific job organizing and executing everything but you always have a great group of people who want to have fun. Teresa, Kelly and the rest of the gang contribute to this so thanks to you too! Another thing that makes the events enjoyable is the way you accommodate the varying skill levels in the group. Even on the easier hike, you found a way to make it challenging for those of us who wanted a tougher hike while keeping it laid back for the majority of the group who wanted a slower-paced, more relaxing hike.
Thanks again and I look forward to more adventures with Dynamic Outdoors!
Lora K. - after the 7 Hills Rock Scramble and Day Hike - September, 2006

Reference for Igor Bass and the Dynamic Outdoors Team:
If you are looking for a quick-adventure adrenaline-rush day trip from NYC look no further than Dynamic Outdoors!
This past weekend I was lucky enough to get a spot on their almost always sold out white water rafting dam release trip.
Just a few short hours away from Manhattan and we rode the rapids twirling down the Lehigh River on the Gorge Dam Release.
This was an amazing day of excitement!  WHAT A BLAST!   Our raft had so much fun hooting, hollering, and laughing down the rapids with Igor as our guide.
Dynamic Outdoors has well trained staff made this trip and their others I have been on - simply seamless.
Their knowledge and skill puts any novice at ease as they make each trip safe, fun, and exciting, and most of all memorable.
Furthermore, they make everyone feel part of the group.  I can't wait until their next trip!   I highly recommend Dynamic Outdoors to everyone !!!
Ilene S. - after our White Water Rafting day trip - September, 2006

Thank you for a well-organized trip; our entire group meshed perfectly and we had a goods time. 
I believe that everyone was happy with the outcome of our journey and I will certainly join other gatherings.
Goran J. - after his Summit of Kilimanjaro, The Roof of Africa - September, 2006

I would really like to thank you for all the amazing experiences and the weekends well spent! So far - awesome ski trips, hikes and rock scrambling, camping and kayaking as well as my new love for rock climbing...and I just can't get enough! I've learned quiet few new things and tricks, met tons of great people and the credit for it all goes to you and your team. You guys are doing one hell of a job!!! I am really looking forward to more new experiences and adventures!  (....and now that I think about it, I wish I've met you guys even sooner! :)
Kind regards,
Katie K.  -  Enthusiastic Dynamic Outdoors Member since 2005  -  Double Hitter w/e, Scrambling/ Hiking, August 12/13, 2006

Just wanted to say thanks for two amazing trips this weekend: white water rafting on the Lehigh and rock climbing at the 'Gunks.'  Rafting was lots of fun and the people were great.  Your rock climbing trips are always excellent; the expert guides cater to all climbing levels and provide superb instruction.  Look forward to many more Dynamic adventures.  Thanks again!!
Mindy S.  -  after her "double hitter w/e" - White Water Dam Release and Rock Climbing Outing - August, 2006

Igor and Teresa,
I would like to thank you for such fun and wonderful experience this past week end, white water rafting on Lehigh River and hiking in New Paltz.
The river itself is absolutely beautiful and the execution on your part was excellent. 
I met a lot of awesome people and definitely looking forward to traveling with you overseas.
Would recommend you guys to everyone, very professionally run by a very friendly team.
Inna B. - after her "double hitter w/e" - White Water Dam Release and Gertrude's Nose Hike - August, 2006

Hi Igor,
The Iceland trip was fabulous!!! Teresa did an amazing job coordinating the trip. This was my first trip with Dynamic Outdoors and was pleasantly surprised. I met Teresa a couple of times and thought she was so personable and friendly. This was a very important factor in determining whether or not to participate because I have always traveled with friends abroad and have never participated in a tour group type of vacation. I felt comfortable with my decision because of Teresa. She added that personal touch.

However, based on the very reasonable cost, my expectation was kept to a minimum. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised with Teresa’s leadership and organizational skills. The guesthouses were so cute, the adventurous activities were fun-filled and well planned, and the food was great.  She really catered to the group’s various levels and did a great job balancing the expectations of 12 demanding people.  I know from my own experiences of organizing and coordinating trips that Teresa had devoted a tremendous amount of energy to planning.  It was because of this hard work that we really did so much in just a week.  Also, throughout the whole trip, she was very dedicated to ensuring that we all had the best experience. 

The week was really awesome!!! I am looking forward to my next Dynamic Outdoors adventure. Thanks so much.
Betty L.  -  after our Iceland Expedition - July 2006

Dear Igor:
Just want to let you know what a stellar guide and leader Teresa was during the Iceland trip.
Although there were challenges, she did an outstanding job in overcoming these obstacles.
With this in mind, Teresa deserves the recognition as a very capable, outstanding and invaluable asset to the dynamic outdoors team.
I thank her of the great service she provided and, Ralf Vogel for his selfless assistance to everyone during this expedition.
PS: I am looking forward as to what Teresa has planned for the next international Adventure.
Many Thanks,
Iwan E.  -  after our Iceland Expedition - July 2006

Igor, Teresa,
I jsut returned from the Iceland trip and wanted to thank you again for helping make Iceland the best vacation I have probably ever had!  Such a wonderful experience it was!!

It was my first trip with your group.  I also wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all that Teresa did for my vacation.  She is very good at what she does - to handle 12 total strangers, practically, and keep everything smooth - in a country none of us had been before - amazing!  She kept it fun, and kept us going, and showed great patience!  I would certainly consider doing another vacation with her.  But she should also NOT sing karaoke anymore :-)

Anyway.... I think you should continue with Iceland on the "list" and you should consider going again and again - it is something quite unique.
Thanks again,
Dave D. - after our Iceland Expedition, July 2006

Hi Igor.
Thanks so much for making the Club Fun w/e Getaway trip such a success!!  I really appreciate you being flexible and making accommodations for us.
Dynamic Outdoors really attracts a great bunch of people.  I cannot wait to participate in more activities!!
Ellen S. – after the July 4th Club Fun w/e, 2006

Reference for Igor Bass and the Dynamic Outdoors Team:
I am a single woman who likes to travel and see the world.  I always wanted to go to Costa Rica and was referred to Dynamic Outdoors through friends.  I decided to sign up and do the trip alone in November 2005. The Costa Rica itinerary was thorough.  I got to see an active volcano, waterfalls, sailing, snorkeling, zip-line, white water rafting, horseback riding and many other options to chose from.     I loved the group experience so much I went to the trip to Belize in March.  I'm planning to go again this year to another  Dynamic Outdoors adventure.  I highly recommend the trip.  Igor and his team are professional and wonderful.
Risa E. - Veteran Dynamic Traveler - Posted: Summer, 2006

Yeah, I had a wonderful time!  Thanks Igor and your staff for setting up this trip. 
I love white water rafting but it's very hard to get a bunch of people to go...
If you guys set it up for August..    I would definitely try to go again... 
I am also definitely interested in the class 5 white water rafting trip you are planning in the fall.
Wai - Lehigh WWR - June, 2006

Thanks to you and your team for an amazing time! We all had a blast –
but next time we need to prepare ourselves better with water weaponry.   :-)
See you on the next adventure...
Amanda - Team Omar - White Water Rafting - June, 2006

Dear Geri, Dear Igor,
Thank you both for guiding and organizing, the trip was nothing less than outstanding ! One of the best experiences in my life ! I surely speak for everyone on this trip, we had an amazing time, thanks again !
Danielle B., NJ – after her Costa Rica Sport Adventure - March 2006

Dear Geraldine,
I had such a great time. A lot of people here at work knew I went on the trip. Telling them about everything just reminds me of the good times with our group. You know you had a good trip when you keep remembering things and can't believe how much you were able to do. Definitely the most awesome vacation I can remember going on.
Alex E. - from Washington, DC - after the Costa Rica Trip - March, 2006
KENNETH C.S. - after his second Killington Bus Trip - March, 2006

I had such a great time, I'm completly addicted to snowboarding ....thanks to your trip...saying I had a great time would be a understatement...it was a blast...thanks again for putting togethar a great trip.
Bobby T. - after his second Killington Bus Trip - March, 2006

I had a fantastic weekend. Thanks again to your team for arranging.
I had to take the day off yesterday to recover myself - but it's a great feeling being sat at my desk today, knowing that I ice hiked the better part of Mt Washington on Saturday. AMAZING!
St. Clare - after our Ice Climbing and Mountaineering Adventure to the White Mountains, NH

Hi Igor,
The trip was phenomenal.  I loved it :-)
I'm really glad I went, because now I can give first-hand testimonials about how professional, organized and fun your group is.  Thanks again!
Valerie G. - after our Killington Bus Trip - January, 2006

Hey Igor,
Just wanted to thank you and your crew for the great job on this weekend’s Ski Trip to Killington.
I really enjoyed myself and I’m looking forward to attending a few more of your events.  See you soon.
Kenny S. - after our Killington Bus Trip - January, 2006

Hey Igor -
Thanks so much for this weekend - I had a great time meeting everybody and skiing till my legs went numb!
Katherine B. - after our Killington Bus Trip - January, 2006

The weekend was very athletic and relaxing.  Although we planned to go cross-country skiing, alas, there was no snow.  But we still had lots of fun...  it was a great group, very comfortable accommodations, wonderful food, gracious hosts and tour guides, and a terrific leader (Liz).  We hiked a lot and went snow "tubing", sang karaoke and some people did the high ropes course! 
Lisa L. - after our first Winter Retreat - January 2006

The rooms were nice and had their own bathrooms. The whole place was very clean and even had a “house mother” who cooked all the meals especially for our group.  I used to work for the youth hostelling association and often led student exchanges around Europe, so it reminded me of that kind of atmosphere, like a nice hostel in the country (with private rooms) that you'd find maybe in Switzerland or Germany. And very cozy with fire places, comfy couches. I think this place is a good find. Do you know this place employs like 30 activity directors ! I couldn't believe that.
Stacy R. - after our first Winter Retreat - January 2006

Hi Igor,
Just a note to let you know I had a brilliant time in Costa Rica.  For my first time doing a dynamic outdoor activity/ trip, it was more than I expected and it was fun meeting you and everyone on this trip.  I thought the trip was well planned especially having Ronald as our local guide, and, it was a good balance of outdoor activities.  I had a great time with everyone on the trip and there were lots of laughs and met some very fun people who made the trip very entertaining...
Margo M. - after our trip to Costa Rica, November, 2005

Thank you for such a FANTASTIC vacation. I have been so blue since returning to reality!!
It was wonderful traveling with the group. I will recommend Dynamic Outdoors to everyone.
Amy E. - DO Member since 2003 - after our trip to Costa Rica, November, 2005

The trip was wonderful.   I never did so many activities on a vacation and also first time activities like white water rafting, zip line and jumping out of the window of a bus.   I don't recommend repeating the last item.    Also, Ronald as the local guide was a great asset to the trip.   Again, thank you.  I will recommend Dynamic Outdoors to all my friends.   Hopefully, we can all see each other again at the next Happy Hour.
Risa E. - after our trip to Costa Rica, November, 2005

Hi Igor,
I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed myself on Saturday and I'd like to join you for other trips .
And of course I'll spread the word around about what you do and how great it is.
Thank you. Can't wait to do this again.
Anna K. - Wine Tasting, Apple & Pumpkin Picking, October, 2005

Hi Igor,
Thank you for organizing such a great event. It felt so good to get out of the city and enjoyed the fine day in the mountain. It was wonderful. Thank you and all the other staffs for your hard work.
Best Regards,
Chunyen - after the Secret Lake Hike, October, 2005

Dear Dynamic Team,
Thank you SO much for organizing this weekend's rafting trip on the Upper Gauley.
I had SUCH a blast.  It was fantastic.  2 days back to back white water rafting was awesome - simply not enough in fact!
Seeing the dam released into the mist of the river early Sunday morning was unforgettable.  I had the time of my life (again!)
and can't wait for Spring to be here so that we can go back and get wet all over again. 
St. Clare - after the WWR Class V++  w/e in West Virginia, October, 2005.

I can't stress enough how important your trips have been for me.
It took a while, but the adventures triggered something in me, that I wasn't aware of before.
Something physical, active, aggressive.  It makes me complete, healthier, happier.
Volker D.  -  Promoter,  Member,  Friend...   since the beginning in 2003.

Dear Igor, Dear Team Dynamic,
I want to write to thank you and your team for another truly great adventure!
Thank you for easing me into the whole "Camping" thing, as I am rather new to such outdoor activities.
My arms are a little sore from kayaking, 15 miles ! at sea; but I loved it, I had my own kayak and it was all me baby !!!
The weather was perfect and the water, too (thanks for arranging that too).  I loved being able to jump in the water whenever I wanted. There were many memorable moments, especially by the campfire...
The best part about trips like these, touch football, happy hour, etc, etc... is all the fun, cheerful, unique, like-minded, adventurous, and absolutely 'Dynamic' people you meet and friends you make.
I've made a ton of friends since finding your group in June, and I look forward to more, more, more...
trips, friends, happy hour, and campfire games!!! Thank you.
Susan C., Dynamic Member who joined the McKinsey Corporate Event, July, 2005. 

Thanks guys!
Just a note to say what a great time I had yesterday. Thanks so much for guiding the tour.
I was completely invigorated at the end of it - I felt like wanting to do even more !
Jennifer K., after the Hike & Swim Outing, Harriman Highlands, July, 2005

Thanks for the amazing trip!  I had such a great time and met so many great people. I love, love getting out of the city on weekends and you make that so easy for me. This was the 1st trip I went on without a friend, but honestly, I had just as much fun as I would had I been with my 10 closest friends.  I even ran into a long lost friend of my boyfriend, which was crazy!!  I used to lead outdoor trips at my university and I know all the hard work and stress that goes into it.  You stay really laid back and chill; that is pretty impressive.  Can't wait to go white water rafting in 2 weeks!
Barbara B., 4th activity, member since June, 2004.

Dear Dynamic Team,
Thank you so so so much for a fantastic weekend surrounded by such excellent people! 
Every muscle in my body is screaming - including my cheek muscles from smiling nonstop.
It's been a long time since I've had such continuous play time and pure fun !
Thanks too for the touch football lessons! I look forward to future training.
Dana P., after the Club Fun Getaway, July 4th, 2005

Hey Igor,
I just wanted to thank you for selling your soul to the gods on Saturday!  It was the perfect day for rock scrambling…   
Meandering through the countless obstacles was something that was challenging and rewarding. 
You have a great group of people, and I look forward to joining you on future excursions! 
Thanks for making it so effortless for me to leave Manhattan for a breath of fresh air!
Alberto B., after his first Dynamic Adventure - Mohonk Castle - Rock Scrambling, April, 2005

Thanks guys !
I had a great weekend - its so good to be active again and to meet lots of new friends !
Looking forward to the next hike, and hopefully some rock climbing this summer too !
Holly M., after her double take, scramble and hike, April, 2005

Thanks guys for setting up the Killington weekend. You did a fantastic job from start to finish. This was my first Dynamic Outdoors trip and I had a blast. I was a bit nervous at first because I didn’t know anyone. I came by myself but by the bus trip home, I had made lots of new friends and was even singing drinking songs with the Germans and Swedes alike. I’m looking forward to going on more of your adventurous tours. Best,
Christine A.,  after our "K2" Adventure, Killington, February, 2005

Igor:  Thank you again for having me along for the outing. It was another great experience. You should be proud of the group you put together.  In the 15 years I've lived in NYC, I have yet to encounter such an ensemble of warm and genuinely down-to-earth people. I only wish I had discovered the group earlier. Looking forward to hooking up with you in the Spring.
Eric S.,  after the Breakneck rock scramble and hike, October, 2004.

Thanks again for the great sports weekend.  Your group was very outgoing and friendly and I would definitely recommend Dynamic Outdoors to my co-workers and friends.  From the start of the weekend until you dropped us off in the city you guys were absolutely the best. 
James S.,  after the Club Fun Sports Weekend, summer 2004.  

Joining Dynamic Outdoors was an excellent way for me to meet a fun multicultural group of people who participate in a variety of outdoor activities.  I have been a Dynamic member for quite some time now and have made a lot of friends and had a great time being outdoors.  I recommend this group to anyone who is looking to have fun, meet cool people, and get out of the asphalt jungle once in a while...
Dan J.,   active member since April of 2004.

Many thanks for a really fun Sunday! I enjoyed every minute of it!  You did an absolutely amazing job organizing the trip.  Thank you so very much for making me feel welcome and safe!  Please keep me posted on any fun stuff that is coming up. Your trips are such a great way to spend the weekend and meet new people. I will absolutely recommend them to all my friends.
Mila K.,  who joined us at Cold Spring, NY.

Hi Igor,   Thank you for a great Saturday !    Both Lise and I really enjoyed this hike...   it definitely lived up to our expectations !   I also think that your email, what to bring and how to dress part gave a good hint, this is not a Central Park hike...      You get 100 points out of 100 !    Thanks !
Yvette from Sweden,  who joined us at the Delaware Water Gap.

Igor,  yet another very fun hike...thanks for organizing and making it so easy to get out of the city for a day! 
It always makes the weekend feel so much LONGER!!
Margarita,  after the Bear Mountain Hike in March, 2004.

Igor, thanks for organizing the trip and taking care of all the details.  I have worked ski trips as an organizer and staffer, so I know how many details you had challenging your sanity.
This is my first time riding with you and I was very impressed by how much you care about our good times. Things constantly go right and wrong on these trips, but for me knowing that you wanted to make the best of it allowed me to relax, knowing I am in good hands. Please keep me on your e-mail list - I will be happy to ride with you again.
From Alex,  who joined our Killington Ski w/e, January 2004.

Igor, I know I'm repeating myself, but...  You ROCK!   I have such High Expectations for you and D.O. in 2004!!! ...      I know you already know that.... Can't wait to see how it all plays out !
Liz D.,  after the Killington ski trip.

This past summer, I went on a few outdoor excursions with Igor Bass, an adventurer who has since created a fabulous "enterprise" for city slickers looking for a little venture outdoors.
Igor is an amazing guide with a big heart and good sense of humor, and all of his trips are a big success.  This is a great way to spend the lazy summer weekends, and looks like the winter is going to be full of adventure as well!
Nicole R.,  Dynamic Member since July, 2003 
In the Alps - e-mail: August 3, 2005

Hi Igor,
Hope you are well,
I am now back living in London and thought you'd appreciate hearing about my recent exploits in your native land!  I went on one of your night hikes last summer in the Harriman Highlands, with a couple of other guys.  Good times indeed.
Well last week we stayed in Verbier (CH)  and did an excellent two day hike from Arolla to Fionnay, via a high altitude Cabanne where everyone had to sleep on mattresses all next to each other and eat breakfast between 5am-7am - crazy Swiss!!  It was fantastic scenery, but the walking was hard and made NY state seem like a walk along Manhattan. Over the course of the week we saw Golden Eagles (though not me, I was in Geneva) and some Marmots, which were cool.
Also very much appreciated Swiss Air, nice chocolates!
P.S like the re-vamped web site! 

Lima, Peru - Wednesday, May 4th - Natalie P.
(e-mail from Nat after her Dynamic Trip to The Galapagos and Machu Picchu, Peru)

Hey Igor...
I´m in the Lima Airport waiting for my flight HOME!!!!…it´s been 3 weeks since the start of this trip... I cannot say enough about the journey…

1st of all the B&B was super… the 2 ladies that run it (mother/daughter) are sweethearts and are very much looking forward to meeting you and your group… they are the sweetest, hardest working girls you´ll ever meet...

Machu Picchu was great… loved the 4 day trek… perfect amount of time to be on the trail… the 2nd day was the hardest, BUT the best!! we had a beautiful sunny afternoon at the 14K summit… and we had a clear day on our last day of hiking to the lost city - no rain the entire trip…

I climbed the mountain over the city in the afternoon and instead of taking the bus to the bottom, I hiked that portion down as well… then hopped in the hot springs and took the train back to Cuzco… overall it was a superb trip… 9 girls in the group (4 USA, 3 Swedish, 2 Canadian) good mix...

Decided not to do the el touristo thing back in Cuzco… so, I had 4 free days… got on a puddle hopper flight to the AMAZON JUNGLE (Manu) for a 3 day trek through the rainforest… saw monkeys, crocs, turtle, spiders, giant otters, Makaw parrots, wild birds, and some pig/dog looking creature... overall great trip and an unexpected experience which i really enjoyed…

10 people in group (4 Spain, 1 USA, 2 Israel, 2 Aussie, 1 Swiss!!!)… the Spaniards were strange and this of course kept the humor going for the rest of us… got back with one day to spare… so I spent the day with a few people from the jungle trip river rafting, grade 3 rapids but very nice scenery… again, great outing…

Now I´m at the airport for my layover… I know this airport like the back of my hand… will email till I´m blue like a booby (ref. Galapagos)... I´ll be getting in early tomorrow am and will crash... so NO GO with the 1st Thurs meeting in the eve… although I would like to make at least 1 of these meetings since I go on all your trips… it´ll be nice to see some old faces again.. anyway I´ll be home in NYC for the next month, so keep me posted on any other meet ups..

About Africa: I still want to go (both safari and Kili trek)..I´m 90% sure I can do it… however I think I will have to arrange my own flight to/from Kili from NZ…

Thanks again for everything…
God bless, Nat