Corporate and Private Events 

If you are interested in booking an event for your employees, inviting your friends to a special adventure treat, or just want to spend some quality outdoor time with your family, please contact us and we can arrange it!


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Dynamic Outdoors provides effective and challenging team building experiences and retreats designed specifically for professional growth.  Prearranged to meet the needs of any organization and tailored to a diverse range of ages and ability levels, the Dynamic activities are motivational tools for individual and team achievement.

TEAM BUILDING - Strategies & Events:

Utilizing the parks and streets of New York, our games facilitate the use of the creativity, communication and time management.  Focusing on teamwork, participants find their niche based on the group dynamic.  As the games change, the dynamic is altered allowing for individual and team success.  Each game serves a unique set of purposes, but all rely on the development of cooperation and trust amongst the participants.

Information on your organization will be collected beforehand to appropriately customize a program exclusively for your organization.

Single Day or Weekend Retreats:

Join us for a journey on the water, a challenging hike with amazing views or a day of playing in the country side.  Serenity is provided by the natural areas surrounding the city.  We provide the rest. 

Harriman State Park, Breakneck Ridge and the Delaware Water Gap offer ideal locations for a day away from the city.  A weekend retreat upstate or to scenic Pennsylvania includes a full day of adventure combined with a team building program that meets the specific needs of your organization.

The Dynamic Outdoors Team promotes social interaction and personal growth.  The programs allow all participants to identify and reach their goals while exceeding expectations. 

- August 1st, 2005
Recently, a group of us wanted to get away from the city and connect on a different level.  Because of our busy schedules, no one wanted to take the responsibility for planning the event.  I reached out to Dynamic Outdoors.  It was the best decision that we made.  The staff was incredibly proactive during the planning process - they identified what we would need, how many people could come along, organized sleeping arrangements, and even provided a list of things (e.g. personal items, food) to prepare us for our overnight kayaking adventure.  The actual weekend was even more memorable.  Every staff member was incredibly fun and willing to adjust the itinerary to fit our growing interest in exploring the world outside the concrete jungle.  They made 20 city dwellers into avid nature seekers. . . and if you have ever met a New Yorker - you know that is not an easy task!  In short, highly recommending Dynamic Outdoors - the staff is courteous, resourceful and very professional.

Catalina Saldarriaga
McKinsey & Co

Past Dynamic Clients:

- FUEL FITNESS:  Members' Hike to Minnewaska, May 2007