Wellness and Energy

Muscle Therapy NYC  -  Massages by Isar
- Therapeutic: for runners, hikers, or otherwise serious athletes
- Relaxing & Calming: Muscle Tension & Stress Relieve
- Sports Injury: Accelerated Recovery and Therapy
- Easy Stretch: for runners and yogis

Lisa Langer, Founder Central Park Yoga:   www.CentralParkYoga.com

D.O. Recommends a look at  Hellerwork: Structural Integration of Mind and Body:
by  Aimee Kolsby  of  Village Hellerwork, New York City

Hellerwork is a series of sessions of deep tissue bodywork and movement education designed to realign the body and release chronic tension and stress.  Dialogue is used to assist in becoming aware of emotional stresses that may be related to physical tension...    more at: www.HellerWork.com

For a FREE evaluation & consultation:
or Phone: 917 647 7943

Nutrition Counseling with Life Coaching

Private Counseling / Workshops / Group Cooking Classes

Organic Food, Organic Fun,  and Good Company

Private Sessions and Programs with...  Melissa King               
by Phone or In Person

Pursuing the life you want means you know you deserve the best.  Your body deserves the best too.  Get nutrition counseling and personalized life coaching to create the life you dreamed of!

Feel great and get the BEST possible results achieving YOUR SUCCESS!

Life is too short to live the life you were NOT meant to live!

Consultations and sessions are also offered by phone.

Check out holiday packages to purchase as gifts for friends or yourself.

Discounted initial session.  Call today to set up an appointment or get more information.

Boost your self-esteem
Enjoy healthy living
Increase your energy levels
Feel better
And Discover your potential

Call for an initial phone consultation at 917-689-6530 or write for more information at melissa@myheartdances.com

Melissa King is a board certified holistic health counselor.  She has a background in dance and is herself a pursuer of dreams.  She has spoken for recognized names such as Columbia University, Lenox Hill Hospital, Harlem Hospital, Broadway Dance Center and others. 
She regularly speaks for the Cornell Weill Medical Group’s Employee Development Center.  She is fun, insightful, sympathetic, and will meet you where you are at in your growth every time.


Melissa King * 917-689-6530


What You Can Get From Me

Do you wonder what holistic health counseling is and how you can benefit from what I have to offer?

Well, I'm going to tell you, because you don't want to miss out.

Nutrition Counseling with Life Coaching, and you get: 

A. An Objective Source
You've asked your friends, your parents, and your romantic partner for their opinions about what you should do about your weight, your relationships, your job etc., but you're not really sure if they're telling you the truth, just flattering you, or are simply biased because they love you.

I will give you the truth and I will help you to validate your own truth (what you know is true, but other people won’t tell you).

B. Recommendations
You won’t leave my office with nothing after bearing your soul.  You will get the opportunity to discuss what’s concerning you, but we won’t stop there.  You will get constructive, practical, tangible ideas to resolve the issues you have at hand. 

C. SIMPLE Healthful Eating Tips
Most people come to me because I not only do coaching around areas in their personal life, but I also help people to begin making more knowledgeable, healthful food choices in ways that are practical for them.  You will be feeling great because you’re making choices that are right for you.  Some people want a complete overhaul, others just want to know what they should be choosing when eating out at their favorite restaurants.

D. FUN and Personal
We will get to know each other over the course of your program.  I will give you personal attention and you will feel supported in reaching your goals.  You WILL have FUN.  You will laugh, you will cry, you will tackle tough issues and succeed because you will know you are doing the right thing.  You will know yourself better and you will know that getting healthier on every level couldn’t be more exciting and freeing.
What do you want to talk about? 

Discounted initial session call 917-689-6530 – Ask for me. 

You can also write for more info at melissa@myheartdances.com

Your chance to find out if this is what you need.  No obligation to continue.

Cooking Classes
**Classes are fun, relaxed, and not intimidating!  They are great for beginners!
Hands On Cooking Classes 
Organic Food, Organic FUN, and Good Company

Pre-Register Today – Only $35 per class
All classes are held on the Upper West Side
Class is from 6:30 until 8:30p.m.*Enjoy a DELICIOUS meal at the end of class! Made by The Fabulous You!

Holiday Packages

**Getting Through The Holidays Group Program.

5 – 10 women will make it through the holidays successfully this year
with support to stay healthy, know when to say no, and EAT WELL

We will not only give support to EAT WELL, but also to keep you feeling
good about your relationships.  There will be special events included!

All your major food holidays will be included!! 

Don’t get caught this year.  Group program will begin just before Halloween
and end towards the end of December. 
**for more information or to register E-mail melissa@myheartdances.com

**3 Session Gift Package w/ Cooking Class

Give someone special a nutrition counseling and life coaching package
for the holidays.  They’ll get 3 sessions with me, e-mail support, and
a certificate to join a Healthy BUT DELICIOUS cooking class.