Welcome to Dynamic Outdoors, an energetic and friendly club dedicated to offering the best outdoor adventures to NYC'ers. All of our events are designed to make sure that everyone is involved and has a great time. We focus on a very personalized approach so that you get the most out of each trip, whether it is hiking in a lush forest, canoeing down a crystal clear river or galloping on horseback along the sandy beaches. Our goal is to provide a simple, convenient way to escape the concrete jungle of New York City for a day of fresh air, fantastic views and great interaction with other people who enjoy the outdoors.

To complement our outdoor adventures, we also have several "dynamic indoor" events like our monthly social and other interesting parties to meet, relax and have fun with other adventurers. It's a great way to talk about the past events and to plan for new and exciting ones in the future!

We hope you'll come and enjoy our next trip as much as we look forward to serving you.
Your Dynamic Outdoors Team

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Snapshots of where past adventures have taken us...

Summit Team 2007  -  100% Success Rate !!
Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak (19,340ft)
From left to right: Paijan (in the distance), Chris Averspeck, Jennifer, Michele, Yi (Yellow Banana), Stan Da Man, Fearless, Roshi (Yoshi), and Kaya (The Polish Tank - 5 minutes away)

Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak (19,340ft), 2005

On The Inka Trail, Peru 2005

Camel- Trekking, The Sinai Desert, Egypt, March 2005

On The Inka Trail, Peru 2004

Local Adventures...   Day Hikes, Night Hikes, and more...



On The Inka Trail, Peru 2004